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Home Renovation Rental in Chattanooga

Rental Items or Indoor and Outdoor Home Renovations: Flooring Items, Augers, Chainsaws, and More.

When you're serious about home improvement and want to invest in increasing the value of your property (without spending an arm and a leg buying what you can rent instead), call on Action Rental and Sales. 


We carry many sizes of generators for your residential or commercial job where you may not have electricity. We have 3000, 4000, 6000, 6500, and 10000 watt generators for rent! We no longer carry the 50kw generator.

Wallpaper Steamer

Before removing your wallpaper the hard way, contact Action Rental & Sales and get on the right path! Our wallpaper steamer w/ spiked roller will help you get your old wallpaper removed quickly!

Hardwood Floor Nailers

We stock a variety of manual and pneumatic hardwood floor nailers and staplers for your next residential or commercial flooring job! Rent one and achieve the right angle on every nail, and the best possible results every time.

Floor Stripper

Our floor stripper rental will help you remove VCT/linoleum flooring from your hardwood or concrete surface! Simplify an incredibly tough job by using the right tools.

Orbital Floor Sander

Refinishing hardwood flooring? Our Orbital Floor Sander is the perfect application for first-time DIY users or for bare floors with little to no polyurethane coating. We carry 20, 36, 80, and 100 grit paper for this machine!

Floor Buffer

Our floor buffer rentals are available in 17" and 20" sizes - We carry a variety of pads and sanding screens as well!

Chisel Scaler

For VCT tile removal, roof shingle removal, concrete pad removal, and more, stop by and rent a chisel scaler today!

Linoleum/Vinyl Floor Roller

Installing VCT tile or linoleum flooring? Our 75 lb and 100 lb rollers will make quick work of the final step of your job!

Tile Saw

This tile saw rental is perfect for cutting ceramic tile for flooring, back splash, and more!

Popcorn Ceiling Sprayer

If you're looking to finish your ceiling with a popcorn texture, this popcorn ceiling sprayer is the tool for you!

Hardwood Drum Sander

For a quicker, more aggressive approach to hardwood floor refinishing, the drum sander is the right tool to get the job done. This is a great application for hardwood flooring with a polyurethane coating or for an area with a larger square footage. 20, 36, 80, and 100 grit paper are available for these units! These sanders are often paired with edger sanders, which you will need to use to get along the baseboards to finish out your flooring job.


This hand held reciprocating saw is great in tight spaces. Cut through wood, metal, etc! Sawzall rentals. 

Piano Dolly

Move your stand-up piano with ease with our piano dolly rental!

Drywall Sander

Insure your drywall seams are invisible with our drywall sander rental. We stock sandpaper for this machine as well!

Concrete Block Saw

Our concrete block saw rental is great for cutting concrete blocks, pavers, bricks, and more!

Shop Vac

Great for wet or dry applications, our shop vac will help you remove debris and small amounts water from your job site. Rent one today!

Metal Siding Break

Get your next siding job done right with our metal siding break rental!

Ozone Machine

Our ozone machine is a great unit to use in homes with smoke and pet odors you need to remove.

Sheetrock Jack

Our sheetrock jacks will allow you to lift your drywall to heights of 11' and 15'.

Pressure Washer

Action Rental & Sales carries a variety of pressure washers in different sizes! Pressure Washer Rentals. 

Surface Cleaner Attachment For Pressure Washer

Our surface cleaner attachment to pair with our pressure washers is a great tool to have for cleaning sidewalks and driveways! Surface Cleaner Pressure Washer Attachment Rentals. 

Surface Grinder

Surface grinders are a great tool for concrete floor refinishing! We also carry strip-serts for adhesive/paint removal, grinding stones, and dyma-serts for taking down those high spots in a hurry!

2" Submersible Pump

Whether your pumping a swimming pool or a water damaged area on your property, our submersible pumps will aid you in removing your water in a hurry! 

Weed Eater W/ Blade

For clearing out your high weeds and smaller floral growth, our weed eater w/ blade will help you get the job done quick!

Hedge Trimmer

Take back your yard and eliminate shrub overgrowth with our hedge trimmer rental! Hedge Trimmer Rentals. 


For tree and branch removal, contact Action Rental for your chainsaw rental today! Chainsaw Rentals. 


Don't do it by hand the old fashioned way with post hole diggers, stop by Action Rental and get set up on the one-man operated Lil Beaver auger with 8" bit. We also stock hand-held one-man and two-man auger options as well.

Dingo Walk-Behind Track Loader

For tight areas and smaller earth moving jobs, this walk behind track loader makes a great addition to your DIY home renovation!

HEPA 500 Air Scrubber

Our HEPA 500 Air Scrubber provides high-efficiency air filtration in the toughest environments. Built-in Microban® antimicrobial product protection inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew.

Portable Air Conditioning Units

Portable 12,000 BTU Air Conditioning Units available for climate control in the summer heat.

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