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Action Rental & Sales Offers Many Equipment Rental Items You Need for an Upcoming Plumbing Job such as Backhoes, Trackhoes, Drain Snakes and Tapes, Trenchers, Trash Pumps, and More!

On this page, you’ll find YouTube videos and descriptions of products that are very useful on plumbing projects, including drain snakes, drain tape, a manual soil pipe cutter, a tow-behind compressor and breaker, a magnetic pipe locator, self-leveling laser level, cut-quick concrete/chop saw, pex pipe cordless expansion tool, pex pipe close quarters crimper, Ditch Witch RT 12 trencher, electric pipe threader, and a manual pipe threader. If there’s another tool you need, ask us!

Drain Snakes

When you've got a next-level clog on your hands, you'll probably need a drain snake to tackle the job. We carry a 25' hand-held drill snake as well as 50' and 100' electric snakes for pipes from 2" to 6" in diameter!

Self-Leveling Laser Level

Self-Leveling Laser Levels work with exceptional accuracy, making easier work of many types of jobs, plumbing and otherwise. We carry Spectra laser levels for purchase or rent within our plumbing equipment rentals in Chattanooga lineup!

Manual Soil Pipe Cutter

Our manual soil pipe cutter is a cost-effective tool for cutting your soil pipe! Cut pipes quickly, easily, and efficiently with this handy tool, even when space constraints are an issue.

Tow-Behind Compressor & Breaker

For when the electric jackhammer just won't do! We carry 185 CFM compressors and 65 or 90 lbs breakers. The tow-behind compressor is also available individually among our plumbing equipment rentals in Chattanooga.

Magnetic Pipe Locator

Our lightweight magnetic pipe locator is perfect for detecting pipes, manhole covers, and more! Can reach depths up to 15'! 

Pex Pipe Close Quarters Crimper

These crimpers are available in 1/2", 3/4", and 1" sizes among our plumbing equipment rentals in Chattanooga.

Pex Pipe Cordless Expansion Tool

Expand your pex pipe install with this nifty hand-held plumbing equipment rental in Chattanooga!

Cut-Quick Concrete/ Chop Saw

Perfect for cutting through concrete, asphalt, steel, etc. We carry fiber blades for sale as well as diamond blades for rent or sale!

Ditch Witch RT 12 Trencher

Perfect for water lines, conduits, and other shallow-depth trenching applications, this Ditch Witch trencher will take you 2 feet deep at 4 inches in width.

Electric Pipe Threader

This electric pipe threader makes quick work of threading new or existing pipe. These plumbing equipment rentals in Chattanooga are available in various sizes!

Manual Pipe Threader

This manual pipe threader is a more cost-efficient way to thread your new or existing pipe.

PR 30-HVS A12 Outdoor Rotating Laser Level

This outdoor rotating laser level has automatic vertical alignment and dial-in slope functions.

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