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Pouring and Concrete Finishing Equipment in Chattanooga TN

Pouring and Concrete Finishing Equipment Rental

Rental equipment is a great alternative when you want to reduce costs and increase productivity. Action Rentals offers a variety of pouring and concrete finish rental options.

36 in. Walk-Behind Concrete Trowel

Our Walk Behind Power Trowel is a mid-sized trowel that is designed specifically for reliability and performance—includes a 36 inch guard, a center mount lifting bale, a front access panel (which provides quick access to trowel arms and blades), and much more!

Vibratory Screed

Our Screed provides uniform vibration over the entire blade length and enhances concrete compaction, making it possible to level up to 4 times more concrete than the traditional method, and do it more accurately.


Our Concrete Bull Float is used to finish a concrete surface by making it smooth. Once the surface has been leveled with a screed, a Bull Float is used to ensure the surface remains level. Also available with additional handles. 

Electric Concrete Vibrator

Designed for performance and efficiency with vibrator head and hoses available in a variety widths and lengths.

Gas-Powered, Backpack Concrete Vibrator

This Backpack Concrete Vibrator, powered by a 2 HP Honda engine, is made specifically for construction sites and repair jobs. Designed to be easily portable, this concrete vibrator comes with adjustable backpack straps with superior padding, a mounted engine for easy access, and a cordless design.

65 lb. Electric Jack Hammer

This powerful demolition hammer features an optimized performance for high productivity and active vibration reduction.

Towable Mortar Mixer

Our 9 cubic feet mortar mixer is heavy-duty and long lasting. It includes a steel drum for longevity and a reliable gas-powered engine.

Towable Concrete Mixer

This concrete mixer is the ultimate, heavy-duty concrete mixer. Standing at 72 inches tall, this concrete mixer offers a tubular steel frame designed with a forklift pocket, a reliable gas-powered Honda engine, and has a capacity of 9 cubic feet.

Portable Concrete Mixer

This Toro portable concrete mixer has a wheelbarrow design, which makes it easily portable and perfect for small mixing jobs. It includes replaceable steel mixing blades, a polyethylene drum, and two 6-inch turf tires with adjustable handles that make transport and dumping that much easier.


Renting a laser level is now easier with Action Rentals. For any leveling, aligning, or squaring project, this Hilti rotating laser level is an essential tool. It is made complete but comes with a cordless battery platform, auto alignment, and digital slope entry and inclination alignment.


Our Plate Compactor Rental by Multiquip is recognized as the industry standard for compacting soils and asphalt. It comes with a reliable Honda engine, an anti-vibration handle, a solid steel base plate designed for durability, and a tool-free water tank that can be easily refilled.

Mikasa Reversible Plate Compactor

Multiquip’s Mikasa Reversible Plate Compactors are the ideal high-production machines for efficient compaction of sand, gravel and cohesive soils.


The MudMixer® is the fastest, easiest, multi-use mixer on the market. Featuring a fully-adjustable water input designed to be used with concrete, mortar, or stucco mix – it quickly and effortlessly provides reliable consistency wherever it’s needed.

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