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Where to Rent a Floor Sander in Chattanooga

We carry many floor sanding and concrete finishing tool options for commercial or residential use!

Get the tools you need to help you flatten, cut, and blend your new or re-finished floors to perfection. Action Rentals can help you find the right machine to accomplish what you want to do. Learn more about our Floor Sander Rentals

Chisel Scaler

Use an Air Chisel Scaler for VCT tile removal, roof shingle removal, concrete pad removal, etc. Stop by and rent one TODAY! Call for availability! 423-894-0644

Vinyl Floor Roller

Installing VCT tile or linoleum flooring? Our 75 lb and 100 lb Vinyl Floor Rollers will make quick work of the final step of your job! Call for availability! 423-894-0644

Tile And Tub Saw

For your next tile flooring job or back splash application, don't buy it, save yourself some coin and RENT your Tile and Tub Saw at Action Rental INSTEAD! Call for availability! 423-894-0644

Jamb Saw

Do you need to take up the bottom of your base boards or door trim up to accommodate new wood or carpet flooring? Rent our Jamb Saw today! Call for availability! 423-894-0644

Carpet Stretcher Rental

Use this Carpet Stretcher to stretch your carpeting out for a nice, uniform job. Call for availability! 423-894-0644

Carpet Kicker Rental

Perfect for those tight spots where you're stretcher just wont do, this carpet kicker is an ideal item to rent! Call for availability! 423-894-0644

Carpet Iron Rental

Use this carpet iron to join the seam of two pieces of carpeting. Call for availability! 423-894-0644

Brad Nailer Rental

Our brad nailer rental is a great tool for your next or trim job! Great for baseboards, molding, window trim, etc. Call for availability! 423-894-0644

Pneumatic Nailers

Pneumatic framing nailers, Roofing nailers, and brad nailers available for rental! Come by and get one! 423-894-0644

Hardwood Floor Nailers

A Hardwood Floor Nailer will make your life a lot easier during your next flooring project! Here are a few of our pneumatic and manual hardwood floor nailers available for rent. Call us! 423-894-0644

Floor Buffer

Our floor buffer rentals are available in 17" and 20" sizes - We carry a variety of pads and sanding screens as well! Call for availability! 423-894-0644

Surface Grinder

Surface grinders are a great tool for concrete floor refinishing! Remove high spots in your concrete pad, remove glues, adhesives, and paints as well. We carry a variety of sanding stones, strip-sert inserts, and dyma-sert inserts. Call for availability! 423-894-0644

Orbital Sander Rental

Refinishing hardwood flooring? This machine is less aggressive than our drum sander and is a perfect application for first time DIY users or for bare floors with little to no polyurethane coating. Learn more about our Floor Sander Rentals. 

Floor Sander Drum

For a quicker, more aggressive approach to hardwood floor refinishing, the drum sander is the right tool to get the job done. This is a great application for hardwood flooring with a polyurethane coating or for an area with a larger square footage. 20, 36, 80, and 100 grit paper are available for these units! Learn more about our Floor Sander Rentals. 

Diamabrush Removal Attachment For 20" Buffer

As a comparable alternative to the surface grinder in some applications, This tool will attach to the deck of a standard 20" buffer allowing you to remove failed textured coatings, paints, adhesives, and more. This attachment is for smooth concrete pads only (i.e. residential slabs, commercial slabs)

Diamabrush Concrete Prep Attachment For 20" Buffer

After removing any mastic, thinset, adhesive, etc from your concrete pad you will want to use this attachment for etching your bare concrete floors to prep for superior coating adhesion. This tool will remove the last bits of dirt or grime from your surface allowing you to prepare your final stages prior to coating.


EDCO Vacuum Systems are an essential companion to our surface preparation machines, because they serve as an excellent dust prevention system. Here's why you should rent a vacuum with an EDCO machine.

Magna-Trap® Dual Disc Concrete Floor Grinder

EDCO Magna-Trap™ Dual Disc Concrete Floor Grinders are used for topical concrete applications, such as grinding, stripping, scrapping, surface leveling, and surface cleaning and finishing.

Magna-Trap™ Turbo-Lite Grinder

The EDCO Magna-Trap® 9" Turbo-Lite Grinder is a compact, high speed machine perfect for resurfacing hundreds of square feet per hour, removing hard coatings, and working in compact areas.

EZ Sand Orbital Sander

The EZ Sand Orbital Sander is ideal for sanding projects where the floor is in moderate to good condition and the goal is to remove the floor coating. Learn more about our Floor Sander Rentals. 

Makinex Jack Hammer Trolley

6 times faster tile removal with a Makinex Jack Hammer Trolley.

Laminate Floor Cutter

Get the job done with our Laminate Floor Cutter. Get in touch with us today to learn more about pricing! 

Clarke CFP Pro Floor Buffer

Need to buff some floors but don't have the equipment? We've got you covered. Our floor buffers make it easy to get the job done. 

CPM-8 Crete-Planer

Use a Crete-Planer for sidewalk trip hazard repair, concrete and coatings removal, floor cleaning and/or preparation, creating non-slip surfaces, or traffic line and markings removal. Stop by and rent one TODAY! Call for availability! 423-894-0644

Clarke BOOST 32" scrubber

Looking for a chemical-free floor stripper? Try the Clarke BOOST(Battery Operated Orbital Scrubbing Technolgy). This machine is 2250 rpms which makes it ten times the standard rpms for similar scrubbers. This additional power is what allows the scrubber to strip the floor without chemicals. Call for availability! 423-894-0644


  • Where can I rent a floor sander in Chattanooga?
    Action Rental & Sales has floor sanders and a vast inventory of other various equipment available for rental.
  • Where can I rent flooring equipment in Chattanooga?
    Action Rental & Sales carries many floor sanding and concrete finishing tools for commercial and residential use. Flatten, cut, and blend your new or re-finished floors with tools from Action Rental.
  • What is an air chisel grinder used for?
    Air-powered chisel scalers use a rapid, hammering motion to quickly remove a manner of materials from various surfaces. You can use these powerful tools to remove tile, old flooring materials, or paint, dirt, and even rust from hard-to-reach spaces, curved areas, and even corners.
  • What tools will I need to install vinyl flooring?
    One tool that is helpful when installing vinyl flooring is a vinyl floor roller. Before the adhesive cures, you can use this handy tool to help remove any air bubbles that may exist beneath the flooring, with a vinyl floor roller from Action Rental.
  • Where can I rent a jamb saw in Chattanooga?
    Rent a jamb saw for your next floor project from Action Rental & Sales. This mechanical tool can help remove the bottom of door casings effectively, so you can slide new flooring materials underneath during installation. This helps to ensure a clean and professional look after your job is done.
  • Do I need a carpet stretcher to install carpet at my house?
    Using a carpet stretcher ensures your installation goes much more smoothly. If you want your installation to look professional without buckling, wrinkling, or pieces bowing up, rent a carpet stretcher from Action Rental before you start your carpet project.
  • Where can I rent a hardwood floor nailer?
    Action Rental & Sales has both manual and pneumatic hardwood floor nailers available for rent to make your next flooring project so much easier.
  • Does Action Rental & Sales have concrete flooring equipment and tool rentals?
    Yes, at Action Rental, you can rent all the equipment you need to complete your concrete flooring project like our single disc concrete floor surface grinders.
  • What types of flooring equipment does Action Rental & Sales have available?
    Our shop carries everything you need for your next flooring project from laminate floor cutters to floor buffers and sanders to nailers and more.
  • Can the Action Rental & Sales staff help me figure out what type of equipment I need for my flooring project?
    Yes, our staff can help you find the right machine to accomplish what you want to do. Our vast inventory of rental equipment is ready to help you complete your next residential or commercial project.
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