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Rent the Equipment You Need to Get the Job Done.

Action Rental & Sales is your source for all types of equipment rentals for projects you have an occasional need to do but not enough to justify a large purchase to own outright. This includes rentals of floor sanders, scaffolding, plumbing equipment, tools for working with concrete, tools for home renovation projects, pumps and generators, yard maintenance equipment, and more. 



We carry many floor sanding and concrete finishing tool options for commercial or residential use!

Lifts & Scaffold Equipment Rentals

Lifts & Scaffold

A lift can be a great piece of equipment for hanging siding, fixing signs, or even changing high ceiling lights!



Action Rental & Sales offers many equipment rental items you may need for an upcoming plumbing job such as backhoes, trackhoes, drain snakes and tapes, trenchers, trash pumps, and more!

Bobcats and Trenching

Bobcat Rentals & Trenching

Action Rental carries many types of earth moving and trenching equipment for residential or commercial use.

Concrete Pouring And Finishing Equipment Rentals

Concrete Pouring And Finishing

The gallery below showcases the various concrete tool rentals that Action Rental offers.

Concrete Demolition And Refinishing Equipment Rentals

Concrete Demolition And Refinishing

When you wish to save money and increase productivity on the job site, renting equipment can be a great option.

Home Renovation

Home Renovation

We have many flooring items, augers, chainsaws, and more.

Water Restoration

Water Restoration, Pumps & Generators

This is a gallery of the different pumps, dehumidifiers, & generator rentals we offer.

Yard Maintenance

Yard Maintenance

We carry straw blowers, tillers, augers and so much more to help get any yard job done!


  • What types of equipment is available for rent?
    We rent almost everything at Action Rental & Sales. Home repair tools, DIY equipment, Bobcats, mini excavators, trenchers, concrete tools, flooring equipment, as well as tables and chairs, and so much more.
  • What are your most popular rental items?
    Our most popular rental items at Action Rental & Sales are Bobcat loaders, track hoes, trenchers, concrete saws, jack hammers, tables and chairs.
  • Do you offer training on how to use any equipment you have available for rent?
    We are happy to walk you through the process of using any equipment that we rent. About half  of our customers are using the equipment for the first time. We can get you started, no problem!
  • Are there any insurance/liability concerns you have to address with rental of certain equipment?
    Any time that you dig or trench there are liability concerns. Always make sure you notify 811 before you use the equipment. Always make sure you are using the equipment on level ground, and never use the equipment in any way that was not minted by the manufacturer.
  • Where do you pick up and drop off rented items?
    You can pick up and return rented items at our store located at 6509 Lee Highway Chattanooga, TN 37421, just off Hwy 153.
  • What will you need to pick up rented items?
    You will need a valid driver’s license with a matching credit or debit card to ensure a solid contract is held between Action Rental and the customer. Whoever is paying for the rental must be present to provide a signature in person.
  • Do you offer delivery on equipment rentals?
    Yes, we do offer delivery for rented items.
  • What is the cost for delivery of rented items?
    Delivery costs for rented items are calculated per mile.
  • What is your delivery/service area?
    We offer delivery within 30 miles of our brick and mortar shop on Lee Highway.
  • How long is a rental period? By the hour/by the day?
    Rentals are based on 4 hour, 24 hour, 7 day or 28 day periods. If you won’t need the rented item for a full day, ask our staff about half day rentals. Half day rental periods are not available for all items.
  • For equipment that uses fuel, is it included in the rental fee?
    All of our equipment is sent out full of fuel and should be returned in the same condition that it was rented.
  • What happens if a rented item comes back damaged?
    Damages would be assessed on a per case basis.
  • If I like the rental item, is there an option to buy?
    We do not have a purchase option on our current rental fleet.
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