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Can You Haul It? Check Your Weight Limit

How Towing Heavy Rental Equipment Works

Above is an image of what a hitch rating sticker may look like on your the hitch itself. Your hitch rating needs to be greater than the weight you are towing. The Tennessee D.O.T. has specific regulations that we are required to go by for customers hauling equipment rentals. We must add the weight of the equipment and the weight of the trailer to ensure the combined weight is below what your hitch and vehicle are rated to haul. If a sticker is not located on your hitch, please refer to the towing section of your owners manual to verify your vehicle’s hitch rating.

 Although your truck or SUV may be rated to haul a certain weight per the vehicle’s specs, your hitch may be rated to haul a lesser amount. To locate the vehicle’s tow rating, refer to the vehicle’s owners manual OR the sticker located in the jamb of the driver’s side door. Locate the vehicle’s GVWR tow rating on the sticker and insure the number is larger than the weight you are trying to carry. Action Rental & Sales carries trailer rentals for every piece of equipment we rent.  Below is a listing of equipment and trailer weights which you can use as a guide to verify that you are within the tow weight limits for your rental:

•Track Hoes•

Takeuchi TB016 (configured with 12″ bucket) – 3524 lbs

Takeuchi TB216 (configured with 12″ or 18″ bucket) – 3800 lbs

Takeuchi TB230 (configured with 24″ bucket) – 6600 lbs


Terramite T9 – 4795 lbs

Kubota B26 – 4005 lbs

•Skid Steers•

Bobcat S150 – 5935 lbs

Case 40XT – 5716 lbs

Case SR150 – 5300 lbs

•Walk Behind Track Loaders•

Toro Dingo TX 427 – 1882 lbs

Boxer 322D – 2100 lbs

Bobcat MT55 – 2610 lbs

Fork Attachment – 300 lbs


MQ Ride-on Roller – 3173 lbs


Ditch Witch RT12 – 1020 lbs

Ditch Witch 1030 –  900 lbs

Toro Dingo w/ Trencher Attachment – 2686 lbs


Genie 2032 20′ Scissor Lift – 3574 lbs

Snorkel PBU 21KB – 3219 lbs

Niftylift Tow-Behind Boom Lift (34ft) – 2630 lbs

Niftylift Tow-Behind Boom Lift (58ft) – 4760 lbs


Rear Tine Tiller (with tow dolly) – 560 lbs

Airman 185 cfm Compressor – 2500 lbs

Vermeer sc30tx Stump Grinder w/ Trailer – 2500 lbs

Vermeer BC600XL 4″ Brush Chipper – 1900 lbs



The trailer rental paired with your equipment will be based on tow ratings and your vehicle’s trailer braking system. We carry both surge brake and electric brake trailers for our customer’s convenience. View the listings below before contacting Action Rental staff to verify availability. OUR TRAILERS ARE ONLY AVAILABLE FOR RENT WITH OUR EQUIPMENT

Small Trencher Trailer (2″ Ball/4-way Light) – Weighs 650 lbs / Holds 2250 lbs

Small Aluminium Trailer (2″ Ball/4-way Light) – Weighs 595 lbs / Holds 2395 lbs

Drop Trailer (2″ Ball/Surge Brake) – Weighs 2000 lbs / Holds 4000 lbs

Brimar (Pindle Hitch/Surge Brake)  – Weighs 2490 lbs / Holds 7500 lbs

Brimar Long Ramp (Pindle Hitch/Electric Brake) – Weighs 2700 lbs / Holds 9300 lbs

Anderson (Pindle Hitch/Electric OR Surge Brake) – Weights 2675 lbs / Holds 7275 lbs

Tilt (2 5/16″/Electric Brake) – Weight 2100 lbs / Holds 3900 lbs


If for any reason you are unsure about the trailer braking system in your vehicle, make an in-store visit and Action Rental staff will be able to verify this for you.  If you have any additional questions or concerns, contact us directly at (423)-894-0644 OR email us at

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