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Water Restoration

When you find your home or business potentially affected by muddy waters, it can be a race against time to get that space cleaned and free of moisture. We have the gear you need to start setting things straight again or just perform routine maintenance. 

Dri-Pod Floor Dryer

Our Dri-Pod Floor Dryer dries carpets and hard surfaces fast! Enhance evaporation across floors and quickly remove surface moisture in small spaces. 15.2 × 15.2 × 9.3 in. 

DrizAir® 1200

This compact, highly maneuverable standard dehumidifier removes moisture from everyday spills and reduces humidity in basements, facilities or on construction sites. 20 × 32 × 19.5 × in. 

HEPA 700 Air Scrubber

This streamlined unit delivers quiet AND powerful 275-700 CFM air filtration for water and fire damage restoration, mold remediation and construction for residential, industrial, education, commercial and institutional settings. 23 X 17 X 26 in.


Durable trash pumps in 2 inches discharge & 1/2HP. Designed to pump water containing sand, solids and debris with minimal wear and clogging. 10-1/16 x 12-15/16 in.

LGR 3500i

Our largest-capacity dehumidifier - control humidity in spaces up to 17,000 cubic feet. Industry-leading performance in a highly durable and portable package. 24 × 40.5 × 23 in.

New Comfort Ionic Red Air Purifier

Ionic air cleaner with a powerful but quiet fan pushes air through the unit breaking down and cleansing the air with its ionic purification power, and adjustable ozone generation allows you to decide how much ozone needs to be produced. The variable speed fan offers the option to adequately clean 3500 Sq. feet of air.

Sahara Pro X4 TurboDryer

Produces high velocity airflow for ventilation and to accelerate the evaporation of moisture from structural and other materials. A durable, high performance airmover featuring three speeds and GFCI outlets to connect multiple units. Uses only 2.5 amps at maximum setting. 17.4 × 15.0 × 17.3 in.

Bosch VAC140AH

The Bosch VAC140AH 14-Gallon Dust Extractor with Auto Filter Clean and HEPA Filter provides a complete package that is designed to help users move toward compliance with the OSHA silica dust regulation. Delivers a maximum 150-cubic-feet-of-air-per-minute rate (CFM), with a sustainable maximum 97 In. static water lift.

Velo Low Profile Airmover

True portability and professional performance. At only 18.6 lbs. (8.4 kg) and stackable up to five high, the Velo delivers rugged reliability, easy maintenance, and high performance. Four operating positions and two speeds for maximum flexibility. 24 × 18 × 9 in.

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