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Shop Vac Rental Chattanooga, TN

The shop vac is universally recognized as a must have item for any home improvement project. Designed to handle the toughest clean up jobs, the shop vac has a convenient handle and large rear wheels and features a fine-dust cartridge filter for small, dry debris and wet material. This tool comes in super handy as it is a wet/dry vacuum that’s highly versatile, designed to effectively and safely pick up both liquids as well as dry dirt and debris of various sizes. These tools can be particularly useful around the house or garage, but they’re also extremely helpful on construction and other job sites for DIY cleanup. You can even get creative with the uses! Deal with a flooded basement, clean out your BBQ pit, unclog sink drains, or even inflate pool floats and rafts with the help of a shop vac rental from Action Rentals! Need more home renovation equipment? Click here. 

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