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Floor Sander Rental Chattanooga TN

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For a smooth, dazzling finish inside your home or office, floor sanders give you the capability of refinishing or restoring exterior decks or interior floors. Looking for a different tool for your home improvement project?

Orbital Sander Rental

Refinishing hardwood flooring? This machine is less aggressive than our drum sander and is a perfect application for first time DIY users or for bare floors with little to no polyurethane coating. Another advantage of this sander is it's square pad, which
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Floor Sander Drum

A great application for hardwood flooring with a polyurethane coating or for an area with a larger square footage. 20, 36, 80, and 100 grit paper are available for these units! These sanders are often paired with edger sanders, which you will need to use
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EZ Sand Orbital Sander

The EZ Sand Orbital Sander is ideal for sanding projects where the floor is in moderate to good condition and the goal is to remove the floor coating.
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