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Jackhammer Rental Chattanooga

65-lb Electric Jackhammer

Perfect for breaking up slabs up to 4", our 65 lb electric jackhammer is available with a variety of bits styles!

Manual Jackhammer

A cost efficient alternative to electric jack hammers, our manual jack hammers will help you bust slabs up to 4"!

Jackhammer Rental Chattanooga

With the combined power of a hammer and a chisel, the jackhammer, sometimes called a pneumatic drill, can either be powered with compressed air or by an electric motor. These handy tools are typically used to break up rock, pavement, and concrete, operating by driving an internal hammer up and down. Jackhammers work with a variety of bit types that allow them the versatility to tackle different types of jobs. 

Jackhammer bit types include:

  • Spade– provides a flat finish for concrete or edging 
  • Flat tip– allows direction control and/or fine edge finish Point– used for general breaking 
  • Stake driver– drives concrete stakes 
  • Flex chisel– uses a flexible metal blade for tile removal and scraping 
  • Scabbler– creates a smooth finish on surfaces for cleaning prior to bonding 
  • Brushing tool– for knocking down rough spots in concrete surfaces and cleaning up seams 

If you’re looking for a jackhammer rental Chattanooga, find what you need at Action Rental & Sales. We have both electric and manual jackhammer rentals available to help you complete your construction project to plan. Find jackhammers and other tool and equipment rentals here to make easy tasks of all your upcoming work and home projects.

Jackhammer FAQs

What should I look for in a jackhammer?
Things you’ll want to consider when looking for a jackhammer are noise level, vibration control, power lights and LEDs, variable speed control, soft start, lock-on button control, and cord length. Your application will help determine needs before your rent.

How do you use a jackhammer effectively?
When you use a jackhammer, be sure to face away from any windows or glass to prevent issues caused by flying debris. With a firm grip on the handle, hold the jackhammer straight up and down before beginning. Push down and hold the handle trigger while driving the bit straight down into the concrete and working it back up again in the same way.

What does a jackhammer do?
Jackhammers are used to demolish old concrete, remove pavement, and demolish many other surfaces in various construction projects.

What is a jackhammer used for?
A jackhammer is generally used like a hammer to break up hard surfaces such as rock or concrete in construction applications.

How difficult is it to use a jackhammer?
A jackhammer is not a kid’s toy, and actually will require a good amount of strength to use. The tool itself weighs about 75 pounds, and can be a bit challenging to maneuver. Because the jackhammer itself is heavy, only capable people should handle the tool to reduce the risk of potential accidents.

What size jackhammer do I need?
In order to select the right jackhammer for your job, you’ll need to consider the application at hand. Generally speaking, for 4” concrete, a 40-pound breaker is a good choice, and for 6” concrete, a 60-pound breaker.

What is the best tool for breaking up concrete?
A jackhammer is intended for breaking up concrete and other hard surfaces in construction applications.

Where can I rent a jackhammer?
You can rent both electric and manual jackhammers, as well as other tools and equipment, at Action Rental in Chattanooga, TN.

How does an electric jackhammer work?
Electric jackhammers operate a little differently than their pneumatic counterparts. They are driven by motors powered by electricity. When engaged, the motor rotates a cam that converts the motor's spinning motion into an up-and-down motion, which then pumps against a piston to create the desired motion.

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