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Ditch Witch Rental in Chattanooga, TN

Ditch Witch Trencher Rental

“One of the 100 best American-made products in the world." - Fortune Magazine

Ditch Witch, “The Underground Authority,”  offers trenchers, downhole tools, vibratory plows, drill pipe, horizontal directional drilling systems, mini skid steers, vacuum excavation systems, and fluid management systems.

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Ditch Witch, a trade name of Charles Machine Works, is an underground utility construction equipment company headquartered in Perry, Oklahoma. The first Ditch Witch trencher was created in the 1940s to replace pick-and-shovel labor. These manual tools were the standard for the installation of underground residential utility services until then. The process of installing residential utility services, such as electric, gas, and plumbing lines, involved slow, tedious work.

This first Ditch Witch trencher was what started the entire compact trencher industry! Now compact trenchers like the Ditch Witch trencher are used to install all sorts of underground utilities, including water, sewer, and gas lines, telecommunications, fiber-optic cables, and CATV. By 1969, customers included utility, telephone, and cable television companies, government agencies, and general contractors.

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Ditch Witch is known as "The Underground Authority" because of its expertise in the construction of subterranean structures and systems. Their Ditch Witch trenchers are a clear example of this. For a Ditch Witch rental near you, come to Action Rental!

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