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Concrete Tool Rental in Chattanooga

Rent our Concrete Tools for 24 Hours, Weekly, or Monthly.

Action Rental and Sales has a variety of tools to handle concrete, from the mortar mixer to make it to the electric jackhammer to break it apart. Rent our tools to make your job easier.

Ride-On Vibratory Roller

Pack and smooth your surface with our ride-on vibratory roller!

Rotary Hammer

Great for drilling clean holes with a punch, our rotary hammers can be paired with a variety of bit sizes!

Chisel Scaler

A great tool for concrete and tile removal, our chisel scalers ergonomic design will allow you get the job done with ease!

Bull Float

Float it out! Our bull floats are available will extra handles at your request!

Self Leveling Laser Level

Our laser level rentals will help you get the perfect grade the first time. 

Core Drill

Our core drills are available with a variety of bit sizes!

Mortar Mixer

Our Tow-behind 9 cubic ft mortar mixer provides quick, portable access for any job!

65 Lb Electric Jackhammer

Perfect for breaking up slabs up to 4", our 65 lb electric jackhammer is available with a variety of bits styles! Rent a jackhammer today from Action Rental!

Concrete Vibrator

Action Rental carries concrete vibrator rentals in various sizes!

Plate Compactors

Our vibratory plate compactors are available in two different sizes!

Vibratory Screed

Our gas powered vibratory screeds are available with a 10' float!

Gas Powered Concrete Trowel

Smooth out your concrete pad with our 36" gas powered trowel machine! We also carry brand new blades for purchase. 

Pneumatic Breaker

The perfect application for rock and slabs thicker than 4", our pneumatic breaker is available with a 185 cfm tow-behind compressor or to be rented individually. Breakers available in 65 lb and 90 lb weights!

Manual Jack Hammer

A cost efficient alternative to electric jack hammers, our manual jack hammers will help you bust slabs up to 4"!

Walk-Behind Saw

A great tool for cutting straight lines in concrete or asphalt!

Hand-Held Cut Quick 14" Chop Saw

Perfect for cutting through concrete, asphalt, steel, etc. We stock diamond blades for rent or for purchase. For metal applications, fiber blades are also available for sale.

Concrete Surface Grinder

We carry strip-serts for adhesive/paint removal, grinding stones in varying grits, and dyma-serts as an alternative to stones for smoothing out those high spots! Learn more about this Concrete Rentals in Chattanooga TN


EDCO Vacuum Systems are an essential companion to our surface preparation machines, because they serve as an excellent dust prevention system. Here's why you should rent a vacuum with an EDCO machine.

Magna-Trap® Dual Disc Concrete Floor Grinder

EDCO Magna-Trap™ Dual Disc Concrete Floor Grinders are used for topical concrete applications, such as grinding, stripping, scrapping, surface leveling, and surface cleaning and finishing.

Magna-Trap™ Turbo-Lite Grinder

The EDCO Magna-Trap® 9" Turbo-Lite Grinder is a compact, high speed machine perfect for resurfacing hundreds of square feet per hour, removing hard coatings, and working in compact areas.

Bobcat With Breaker Attachment

Tackle the toughest projects with our Bobcat and Breaker Attachment combo. Able to bust through most any concrete foundation, this tool will make your job easier. 

CPM-8 Crete-Planer

Use a Crete-Planer for sidewalk trip hazard repair, concrete and coatings removal, floor cleaning and/or preparation, creating non-slip surfaces, or traffic line and markings removal. Stop by and rent one TODAY! Call for availability! 423-894-0644

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