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Scaffolding Rentals in Chattanooga, TN

Painter Scaffolding Rentals with Action Rental

Our inventory of exterior and interior scaffolding rentals can provide solutions for all types of elevated work. We’re here to help with:

  • Stationary and rolling frame towers
  • Complete suspended scaffold setups
  • System scaffolds

Exterior and Interior Scaffolding Rental Specifics

The purpose of our exterior and interior scaffolding rentals is to provide a safe working platform and access suitable for your work crews or you to carry out your work. The basic components of any painter scaffold rental are tubes, couplers and boards. The basic lightweight tube scaffolding that we supply has become the standard in scaffolding. 

Why not just use a ladder?

Our scaffolding tubes are made from aluminum and come in a variety of lengths and a standard outside diameter of 48.3 mm. Boards provide a working surface for scaffold users to walk on. Couplers are the fittings that hold the tubes together. The most common are called scaffold couplers, and there are three basic types: right-angle couplers, putlog couplers and swivel couplers.

The key elements of the scaffolding are the standard, ledger and transoms. The standards, also called uprights, are the vertical tubes that transfer the entire weight of the structure to the ground where they rest on a square base plate to spread the load. The base plate has a shank in its center to hold the tube and is sometimes pinned to a sole board. Ledgers are horizontal tubes that connect between the standards. Transoms rest upon the ledgers at right angles. 

Painter Scaffold Rental Spacing

The spacings of the basic elements in every scaffold are fairly standard across the board (no pun intended). For a general-purpose scaffold, the maximum bay length is two meters. The scaffolding width is determined by the width of the boards, our four-board scaffold is the most commonly used size. More heavy-duty scaffolding can require five, six or even up to eight boards width. The lift height, the spacing between ledgers, is two meters.

Transom spacing is determined by the thickness of the boards supported, 38 mm boards require a transom spacing of no more than 1.2 m while a 50 mm board can stand a transom spacing of 2.6 m and 63 mm boards can have a maximum span of 3.25 m. The minimum overhang for all boards is 50 mm and the maximum overhang is no more than four times the thickness of the board.

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