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Aerators mix air with soil or water by creating holes in the soil to improve drainage and encourage worms, microfauna and microflora during the growing season. Simple and regular maintenance can work wonders with creating a healthier lawn with lush grass. That said, some tasks can be performed annually and make an incredible difference, paving the way for those other more regular maintenance items to be even more successful. 

One of those tasks that can occur once a year is lawn aeration. Almost any lawn can benefit from a well timed and properly executed aeration, because grass roots need air, water, and nutrients in order to thrive. So when soil becomes compacted, even somewhat, it can greatly inhibit the flow of essential elements that support healthy lawn growth. Even a layer as thin as 1/4-inch of compacted soil can make a huge difference in the healthy and beauty of a lawn. 

Aeration creates holes that go down into the soil, creating pathways for air, water, and essential nutrients to reach the grass roots and help them flourish. When the roots are deprived of these basic needs due to compacted soil, the grass will struggle through scenarios such as excessive heat and low rainfall, affecting growth and richness of color. Lack of oxygen, water, and nutrients causes grasses to thin and eventually die out entirely, even though these necessary things are often just inches away.

For that reason, even just one aeration session can produce incredible results, opening back up the soil to allow the free flow of these items to the roots of your grass. 

When to Aerate

Though aeration is good for lawns, it can cause stress for the grass if it's not properly timed and executed. You never want to aerate a dormant lawn. The best time for lawn aeration is during or right before the time when the grass meets peak time for natural growth. For warm season, southern grasses, the best time to aerate is late spring or every early summer. The idea here is that when the aeration process coincides with natural active growth of the lawn, the grass can recover quickly, filling in areas of exposed soil created by the aerator rental equipment.

Another factor that affects when to aerate is moisture. You don't want to aerate an overly dry lawn, as the soil can be tough and not easily pliable. That said, you also never want to aerate overly saturated lawns either. The best time is when the soil is moist from either irrigation or rainfall from the previous day. If the ground is too saturated with rain water, it's best to wait till the following day.

How to Aerate

Sure you could hire a landscaping company to handle the job, but aerating your lawn is fairly simple and can be achieved with an aerator rented from Action Rentals! Aerator machines offer basic operation instructions, and the process of aerating is a lot like mowing the grass with back and forth motion. Of course you'll want to concentrate on any known problem areas, making several passes over the ground in different directions to help ensure success. 

Benefits of Lawn Aeration

There are many benefits to aerating your lawn including:

  • Mitigating mild flooding
  • Invigorating grass growth
  • Healthier, thicker, greener grass
  • Improved growing conditions for grass and other landscaping
  • Improved water and nutrient movement

Get your aerator rentals at Action Rentals in Chattanooga. Ask us about auger rentals too! Looking for a different piece of Yard Maintenance Equipment? We can help there as well.

Tow-Behind Aerator

Great for towing behind a tractor or ATV, our tow-behind aerator will get your yard plugged quickly and easily!

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