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Carpet Blower Rental

After the water is removed from the damaged area, you'll want to speed along the drying process with one of our carpet blower rentals!

Carpet Blower Rental Chattanooga

Find carpet blower rentals Chattanooga through Action Rentals! So what exactly is a carpet blower? A carpet blower, sometimes referred to as a carpet dryer, is a small machine that can be used to dry areas of your flooded property including floorboards, carpets, underlay, and structures that have been subjected to water damage. This special equipment can be used to properly dry areas to prevent mold, structural damage, and unpleasant odors after a flood incident. 

The carpet blower is essentially a large fan with a centrifugal function that is used to ventilate and dry walls, furniture, and most typically floors and carpets. They are more effective for drying floors than regular fans as they are manufactured specifically for this purpose, and constructed for concentrated focus on the floor. Removing the excess moisture from the flooring in your indoor spaces can also help prevent the growth and spread of harmful bacteria and fungi that thrive in damp conditions. 

If you have flooring that needs attention after a flood or other incident, get a carpet blower rental from Action Rentals to handle the job right.

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