This is a gallery of the different yard maintenance items we offer for rent. We carry straw blowers, tillers, augers and so much more to help get any yard job done! Browse the gallery below or give us a call directly at (423)894-0644 or email us at

Bed Edger

Outline your flower bed with our bed edger rental! Call for availability! 423-894-0644

Brush Chipper

Our brush chippers can handle limbs and branches up to 4" ! Call us for availability! 423-894-0644


Need to down a tree and cut it down to size? Rent one of our chainsaws today! Call us! 423-894-0644

Log Splitter

Our log splitters can handle logs large or small! Call for availability! 423-894-0644

Stump Grinder

Take your stumps down to ground level with our stump grinder! Call for availability! 423-894-0644

Tow-behind Aerator

Great for towing behind a tractor or ATV, our tow-behind aerator will get your yard plugged quickly and easily! Call us! 423-894-0644

Walk Behind Aerator

Do your lawn plugging easy with our gas powered walk-behind aerator! Call for availability! 423-894-0644

Lawn Roller

Pair this with our sod cutter and make sure your newly placed sod is snug to the ground! Call us today 423-894-0644

Sod Cutter

Cut out flower beds or remove grass from your lawn for replacement - this is the right tool for the job! Call for availability! 423-894-0644

Little Beaver 1-man Auger

Put down the post hole diggers and pick up one of our little beaver augers w/ an 8" bit TODAY! Call us! 423-894-0644

Mid-tine Tiller

Great for lightly packed soil such as a garden bed or soil that has been recently tilled Call us today! 423-894-0644

Rear-tine Tiller

Till your hard soil with our powerful, weighted rear tine tiller. Call us today! - 423-894-0644

Back Pack Blower

The backpack blower is the easiest way to blow your yard! Call us! 423-894-0644

Walk Behind Blower

Wrangle your leaves with ease with this walk behind billy goat blower! Call us today - 423-894-0644

Magnetic Sweeper

If you have a commercial lot or parking lot at your store, or you've had building supplies around your home or other property where you may have nails, screws, etc still lying on the ground, rent our magnetic sweeper to pick up all of those foreign objects!

Straw Blower

After seeding you'll want to run some straw! Great application for residential or commercial use! Rent one today 423-894-0644

Hedge Trimmer

Need to shape up the bushes around your home? Our hedge trimmer is the perfect tool for you! Call for availability! 423-894-0644

Weed Eater w/ Blade

Take your yard back from those overgrown weeds! Rent out weed eater w/ blade today! Call for availability! 423-894-0644


For jobs requiring a front loading bucket AND digging bucket, rent the Kubota B26 backhoe! Call for availability!! 423-894-0644

Action Rental & Sales of Chattanooga has a wide selection of yard maintenance rental items on site for the contractor and DIY home owner in the Chattanooga/North Ga area. Feel free to give us a call at (423)894-0644 TODAY!

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