This is a gallery of Action Rentals scaffolding and lift rentals. A lift can be a great piece of equipment for hanging siding, fixing signs, or even changing high ceiling lights! Scaffolding can be used for several different jobs, such as changing out light fixtures in a house or commercial building, painting, gutter repair, and more. Our scaffolding can be configured in a number of ways – Including wheels with your scaffolding will insure easy mobility and extra assurance when using the scaffolding on hardwood flooring. Questions? Give us a call today at (423)894-0644 OR email us at


Scissor Lift

A great alternative to scaffolding, our scissor lift can give you a working platform height of 20 feet. Call for availability! 423-894-0644


We carry 4, 5, and 6 foot bucks to get you at the perfect working height! When erected, the scaffolding has a footprint of 7' long and 5' wide. Scaffolding is a great option for areas where scissor lifts and boom lifts are not applicable. Call for availability! 423-894-0644

34' and 58' Tow Behind Nifty Lift

Our tow-behind articulating boom lifts are a great alternative to scaffolding or for jobs requiring a higher working platform or a horizontal reach that scaffolding cannot provide. Available in working heights of both 34' and 58'. Call for availability! 423-894-0644

Walk Behind Loader w/ Forks

Walk Behind Loader w/ Forks

For tighter areas and lighter pallet loads, our walk behind track loaders with fork attachment will help you get the job done! Call for availability! 423-894-0644

Ride-On Fork Lifts

Ride-On Fork Lifts

Great for moving pallets in the warehouse and loading/unloading freight! Call for availability! 423-894-0644

Need a lift? If you’re vertically challenged, Action Rentals can help. We rent articulating boom lifts and scissor lifts, as well as a wide range of scaffolding to get you where you need to be. Action Rental staff is here to help! Give us a call at (423) 894-0644.

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