Dehu & Ozone Machines

Rainfall and stagnant waters bring moisture and odor! Rid your space of those with our Dehumidifier, Ozone Machine, and Blowers!



Our ozone machine rentals will produce enough o3 molecule to fill a 1000 sq ft space and eliminate the odors within with quick action! They’re simple to use, just plug in and turn the unit on! You can adjust your settings by the square footage and fan speed to insure a proper flow for your size space. You will want to use these running continuously for 24-48 hours in a vacated area. Once that time period is over, make sure you ventilate the space properly before inhabiting the space again. Give the chemical process time for the o3 molecules to attach to the odor molecules and break them down – once this process occurs, the o3 molecule breaks back down to o2 (oxygen) and is completely safe to inhale – odor molecules destroyed!



Blowers are often used to generate air movement in an open air space containing unwanted moisture such as crawlspaces or basements with flood damage.  Also available are our carpet blowers – These are specifically designed to sit low on top of your carpet or to be placed just underneath the edge of your carpeting to move air to the subfloor in addition to the carpet to help dry your water damaged area as soon as possible. These units move a great deal of air and work great for these purposes.



We carry an assortment of sizes of dehumidifiers depending on the size of your area needing the moisture removed. Speak with Action Rental staff to assess what size dehumidifier you will need for your space. These units work by extracting the moisture from the air, and when paired with a blower, they achieve great results!


Action Rental & Sales also carries fans, sub-pumps, and shop-vacs to remove standing water and dry your affected area. Let us know how we can help you!!

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