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Plumbing tool rentals!

It’s a busy season for plumbers in Chattanooga and surrounding regions – If homeowners haven’t taken the proper measures for a cold winter, there could be trouble.

Taking the time to make sure a faucet is dripping is sometimes overlooked, causing the pipe to freeze over and leaving potential for the pipe to crack or burst. This leads to the need of a timely repair on the line. For this type of job, we carry an assortment of tools to help you get it repaired quickly.


Track Hoes:

If you need to dig a line to locate, repair, or replace your cracked or burst line, A track hoe is often the best tool for the job.

Our of Takeuchi Track Hoes, in a TB 016 or TB 216 (with the option of a 12″ or 18″ bucket”) or our TB 230 (with a 24″ bucket) will help you dig your line for repair or replacement in no time, and without a great deal of hassle. So, whether you’re a contractor or home owner, operate with confidence and the job with go much easier!



Unlike our track hoes, which have a digging bucket and a blade for back filling, Our backhoes come equipped with a digging bucket in the rear, and a front loader bucket, allowing you to light grading, move excess soil, or more.

Our mid-sized backhoes are great for residential or commercial use! With a 12″ digging bucket and a 4′ loader bucket, this machine will make your job, and your life, much easier!




If you know with pretty good certainty where your water line is buried, you may be able to uncover it with a walk-behind trencher.

Our walk-behind trenchers can take you 4″ in width up to 2′ deep in one option (RT12 Ditch Witch) OR 6″ in width and up to 3′ deep (TORO Dingo w/ Trencher attachment) – TN code on water lines require them to be placed at least 18″, so in most cases, barring the need for a unit on tracks, the RT12 Ditch Witch will do just fine in either assisting in the location of your damaged water line or, if the job requires, trenching a new water line.

Cut Quick Saws:

Our 14″ Cut Quick Saw can be fitted with a diamond blade for getting through asphalt, concrete, etc to gain access to a cracked or burst line.


Our hand-held cut quick saws are available with a 14″ blade allowing you to make a cut at 4 1/4″ deep, For a slightly deeper cut into a ground laid surface, try our walk-behind floor saw (also available in 14″, making a 4 5/8″ deep score.


Pex Tools:

Our tight-quarter pex tools are awesome for use in installing new indoor pex line to replace your old line. We carry expanders with in 1/2in, 3/4in and 1in dies and crimpers in 1/2in, 3/4in, and 1in diameters as well.





Doing pex in tight quarters? These easy to operate pex tools can get you out from under that house in a hurry, and with an exceptional job done.


Drain Snakes & Tape

Have you got a clogged line? Indoor or outdoor, commercial or residential, we’ve got electric drain snakes for your job!

Our drain snakes come with the tips you’ll need to remove your obstruction be it grease, hair, root, or other. We have snakes for your smaller indoor lines, and your larger main lines as well. No electricity? Try one of our 75′ manual drain tapes!


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