Inflatable Rentals


Inflatable Rentals – Reserve Yours Today!

•Pick up the inflatables anytime on a Friday between 7:30 am and 5:00 pm and keep them until the following Monday until 12:00 noon at a very affordable one-day rate. You will need an SUV, full-size van, or an open bed truck in order to pick up. We do offer delivery and pick up options, however, the most affordable rental option is to swing by and do the pick up and set up yourself!•

•Set up is a breeze!! •

Once you’re loaded and ready to leave Action Rental, you’ll have everything you’ll need for a successful inflatable set-up for your event. Whether you’re on grass or concrete, we’ve got you covered with the necessary equipment for securing the ride. When unloaded from your vehicle at your destination, you’ll simply unstrap and unroll the inflatable, find the port on the side of the ride to insert the blower, insure the blower is plugged into an outlet (a standard 110 outlet found in and around most residential and commercial buildings will do), and turn the blower on. The inflatable will rise within 2-3 minutes and will continue to stay inflated as long as the blower is running. For slides running water, there is an easy water hose attachment on the ride that will provide continuous water flow as long as your water spigot is on. You will also require a GFCI or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter when running an inflatable with water. This is to insure that the ride running water near an electrical outlet will remain safe at all times. BREAKDOWN is just as easy. Simply reverse the process, roll the ride back up, and strap it tight so it is secure for transport. Action Rental staff will unload the ride for you!

Call us at 423-894-0644 OR email us at for any questions or to reserve your ride for your upcoming event!

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