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Flooring Job? We can help you get that done!


Cleaning Tile, Concrete Pad?

We have CLARKE WALK-BEHIND FLOOR SCRUBBERS for cleaning a large commercial space, such as a warehouse.

Posted by Action Rental & Sales on Monday, December 11, 2017


Buffers For Cleaning of ceramic tile or stripping and waxing VCT tile – These are also great for use with our concrete prep and refinishing deck attachments!


Remove glue. adhesive, textured coating, mastic, etc with our line of Diamabrush heads for our buffer rentals.


Concrete Pad Refinishing?

Ask about our Diamabrush accessories for our buffers, OR check out our Surface Grinders!


These machines can be paired with Strip-serts, which are a set of carbide teeth that will remove any paint, textured coatings, adhesives, glues, etc from your concrete pad. This machine can also be paired with sanding stones. These stones can be used for repairing high spots in the concrete pad or for scarification of the surface, depending on the stone grit. Also, ask about our dyma-sert rental for this machine for quicker removal of those high spots in your concrete pad.


VCT Tile or Ceramic Tile Removal?

Yep, We have just the machine for you. Ask Action Rental staff about our TILE SHARK FLOOR STRIPPER


Our Tile Shark rental will make taking up that VCT tile MUCH easier – Watch EDCO’s training video above!

Our Jackhammer on a Dolly will help you bust up your ceramic tile quickly and efficiently! To assist in tighter areas, you can look at renting the smaller, hand-held version of our hammer on a dolly, our Chipping Hammer, or as seen below, our Chisel Scaler.


For more information about floor refinishing, including information about hardwood refinishing, please view our hardwood sander blog here, or visit our flooring information page on our main page located here.


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