Auger Rentals


When digging holes for your posts, don’t wear yourself out doing it the old fashioned way! Rent an auger from Action Rental & Sales instead!


Action Rentals carries different options when it comes to digging your holes.

We Carry:

One-man hand held augers


These gas powered hand held units are perfect for one man use. Best for softer soil or soil without a lot of rock, this auger unit is easily operated by hand-held controls.

Two-man hand held augers

Providing more power than the one-man auger, this gas powered two-man auger is operated similarly by hand-held controls.

One-man operated “Little Beaver”

The one-man operated “Little Beaver” is a great tool to use when you need a lot of power when only one operator is available. This unit comes equipped with a torsion bar which allows any energy coming from the dig to be transferred into the frame rather than the hands and wrists of the operator. This is especially beneficial in tough or rocky soil.

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