Don’t Buy It, Rent It.

The Ease of Renting Explored:

“I need a tiller for my yard but i don’t have the money to buy one”

**Purchasing equipment involves much more than spending the money to buy one out right**

“If i purchase a tiller, I’ll have it for future use; I’ll save money in the long run”

**This may be the case for a contractor or business owner that will use the machine many times over, but to the average DIY home owner, buying is not always the best option**

“I’ll use this machine again – I do this every year”

Rear Tine Tiller Rental Chattanooga TN

**The truth is that when you purchase and own equipment, you may not get the best value in the long run. Say you use a piece of equipment once, or even twice a year, it could take you up to 10 years to get the equal value from your purchase as opposed to renting the equipment annually or bi-annually**


What is often not considered when purchase equipment:


When you purchase equipment, you’re probably considering all of the savings as opposed to renting. Unfortunately, it is not always that “cut and dry” – When you factor in other variables such as:


  • Maintenance (Oil changes, fuel filters, changing out the old fuel in a machine that has been sitting for quite some time – big or small, all equipment requires some degree of servicing at some point in time)
  • Storage (Worrying about where you’ll store your new purchase can be a burden. If you have the storage available, consider the frequency you may use the item – We’re all human, and sometimes that storage space you chose for your equipment is also the storage space you chose for all sorts of other gear, which you will have to move out when trying to access and use your equipment for your upcoming DIY project)
  • Repair (Unlike maintaining the equipment, repairs are necessary every so often as parts of the equipment eventually wear out or become damaged from regular use, requiring replacement. Some of these repairs can be costly! Engine repair or replacement, part repair or replacement, etc.)


170 Amp Arc Welder

We make it easy to rent!




Your state issued ID and a debit or credit card will get you done! For all the information you’ll need to rent, visit our “Basic Information on Renting” page located HERE


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