Heater Rentals

Stay warm with heater rentals!! Commercial or Residential!

Mother nature is so unpredictable! Even as we are thinking “Hey, it’s finally warming up” .. BAM! It’s freezing cold again! Stay warm with our many heating options!

Kerosene Torpedo Heaters:
The most traditional in the way of shop & indoor/outdoor heaters is the kerosene heater. Slow burning, inexpensive fuel makes this a go-to for many people!

Propane Torpedo Heaters:
For those not wanting to use kerosene as a means of heating, our propane torpedo heaters are the go-to. These units do very well to warm up a space quickly!

Outdoor Propane Patio Heaters:
Keep your employees, patrons, or guests warm with our outdoor patio heaters. These units radiate heat up to 400 sq ft and are available with a propane tank at your request.

Indoor infrared Electric Heaters:
Simply plug this infrared heater into any 110 amp (standard) outlet and configure your desired temperature on the easy-to-read LCD panel. These are great for areas up to 750 sq ft.

Action Rental & Sales carries a variety of heating options. From 50,000 BTUs to 400,000 BTUs, we’ve got you covered on your heating needs.

Questions? CALL US TODAY @ 423-894-0644 OR Email us at actionrentaltn@gmail.com!!

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