Dehu & Ozone Machines

Rainfall and stagnant waters bring moisture and odor! Rid your space of those with our Dehumidifier, Ozone Machine, and Blowers!   •OZONE MACHINES• Our ozone machine rentals will produce enough o3 molecule to fill a 1000 sq ft space and eliminate the odors within with quick action! They’re simple to use, just plug in and […]

Tiller Rentals

NOW’S THE TIME TO TILL THAT YARD AND GET READY FOR SEEDING! ACTION RENTAL & SALES OF CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE CARRIES MANY OPTIONS FOR YOU!   •For tilling a small garden or up beside your home or business in soil that is loosely compacted or has been recently tilled, our small garden tiller will be a […]

Aerator Rentals

Get your lawn looking right this spring with an aerator rental from Action Rental! Before you begin overseeding and fertilizing your lawn, you’ll want to aerate it! This allows for proper penetration of seed and nutrients into the soil. Without lawn aeration, your soil will not achieve the level of oxygenation necessary to produce new […]

Stump Grinder Rentals

TREE, BRUSH, & STUMP REMOVAL TOOLS FOR RENT!! •Great rates and a convenient process makes renting with Action Rental a NO BRAINER!•   ♦BRUSH CHIPPERS♦   Our tow-behind Brush Chippers are easy to operate and provide a quick means of turning your brush and limbs into mulch! To rent, you’ll need a truck or SUV […]

Don’t Buy It, Rent It.

The Ease of Renting Explored: “I need a tiller for my yard but i don’t have the money to buy one” **Purchasing equipment involves much more than spending the money to buy one out right** “If i purchase a tiller, I’ll have it for future use; I’ll save money in the long run” **This may […]

Delivery Services

Renting a piece of equipment or items for an event? Haul it with our trailers OR get it DELIVERED!   So you have reserved a large party order – tables, chairs, red runners, stanchions, and some pop-up tents – and your vehicle is just not large enough for the load. YOU HAVE OPTIONS! *Renting a trailer […]

Inflatable Rentals

  Inflatable Rentals – Reserve Yours Today! •Pick up the inflatables anytime on a Friday between 7:30 am and 5:00 pm and keep them until the following Monday until 12:00 noon at a very affordable one-day rate. You will need an SUV, full-size van, or an open bed truck in order to pick up. We […]


At Action Rental & Sales, We not only rent great items, we sale them too!   RTIC Tumblers, Coolers, and Accessories Action Rental & Sales carries a variety of RTIC brand items available for purchase in our showroom. We carry: •Can Coolers – 10 oz Lowball Tumblers – 30 oz Tumblers – 18, 36, and […]

Party Item Rentals

Let Action Rental & Sales Be Your Go-To Party Rental Store!   We carry: Event Lighting Set off your event with our spectacular lighting options! All of our lighting equipment is professional grade and will be sure to add that extra WOW effect you’re looking for! We carry spotlights, outdoor event searchlights, blacklights, lasers, multicolor […]


Scaffolding & Lift Rentals

Rent Scaffolding and Aerial Lifts in Chattanooga TN ! •Scaffolding• Our standard masonry scaffolding is available for rent for both contractors and home owners looking to reach their desired working height and work safely on a secure platform. Ladder work is a bit sketchy, especially when installing or removing heavy or bulky equipment, so for peace […]