Aerator Rentals

Get your lawn looking right this spring with an aerator rental from Action Rental!

Before you begin overseeding and fertilizing your lawn, you’ll want to aerate it! This allows for proper penetration of seed and nutrients into the soil. Without lawn aeration, your soil will not achieve the level of oxygenation necessary to produce new growth, so this lawn maintenance step is VERY important!

♦Typically, you’ll want to aerate your yard twice a year, once in the spring, and again in the fall. The best times for this are late march through april, and again late september through early october. You don’t to wait too long to aerate in the spring going into summer, as the clay in the soil has already started expanding♦

Action Rental & Sales carries two options for aerating your lawn this spring!

•Our walk behind aerator is a plug-style, self propelled gas powered unit. Simply walk behind the machine and guide its way!•


•Our tow behind aerator is a plug-style unit with a flat deck that can accommodate weights to insure the plugs penetrate the surface deeply and evenly. We typically send out (5) 50 lb sand bags with this unit at no additional cost. These aerators are best suited to be towed behind tractors and larger ATVs and mowers•



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